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5 Game Soundtracks That Deserve Your Love

5 Game Soundtracks That Deserve Your Love

2015 is almost over, and there were many awesome new game scores that came with it. However, not enough of them receive the attention and recognition they deserve, so before Star Wars comes out and we all get lost in the new John Williams themes, here are five lesser known game soundtracks that are worth checking out. So, in no particular order, here they are.   Tinertia – Jeff Swingle Turns out platformers are hard without a jump button. Instead, you use rockets to boost yourself around the game, which is fun and INCREDIBLY challenging. Fortunately, the music does a pretty good job of keeping you sane. As you take the little robot Weldon on an intense journey filled with many deaths, you are accompanied by groovy electronica, with synths that change depending upon where you are. The bosses tend to have heavier, fatter synths, while Weldon is represented lighter more punctuated colors and tones. The two types of synths then interact and clash as you rocket jump your way to victory over the boss. Check out the score at https://jeffswinglemusic.bandcamp.com/, and play the game if you want a challenge similar to that of Super Meat Boy! Grow Home – Lewis Griffin Although the official OST is only two tracks, I wanted to include it here because the game and audio soundscape deserve more attention. This game was made in house at Ubisoft to test out new climbing mechanics, and Lewis Griffin is part of the team there. In Grow Home, you take control of B.U.D (Biotanical Utility Droid) and are tasked with climbing up from the planet’s surface towards your...

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Indelible musical themes and motifs are essential in making a lasting impact on an audience, and Alex’s work on my project proves that he has a keen understanding of this. Amazingly gifted as a composer and a pleasure to work with professionally, I cannot wait to collaborate with Alex again.

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Working with Alex brought the quality of my film up astronomically. He is talented, collaborative, and a pleasure to work with

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Alex has an innate understanding of the way music can develop tone and character in a film. It was when his music was added that “Six Shots” truly came together.

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