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I first noticed music a little before I was five while listening to cassettes from my family. Since all I could hear at five was the melody, I decided I would play the violin and my musical adventure began! From violin, I started studying piano and voice and eventually picked up guitar. I became interested in film and video game music after seeing the Lord of the Rings and Halo. This was the first time I noticed the power that music had over the audience, and I wanted to create similar experiences for other people.

I attended Berklee College of Music from 2010-2014 and graduated as a dual major in Film Scoring and Electronic Production & Design, along with a dual minor in Video Game Scoring and Audio Design For Video Games. While at Berklee, I discovered the world of sound design, and the power it can bring to narrative. It can be something as simple as a change in the ambience, signaling that a new, darker character has come into the picture, or something as drastic as an explosion, shocking and pulling the audience deeper into the story.

I bring my passion for music and sound to all kinds of projects, including films, video games, albums, and plays.  Sound clarifies our emotions, making us feel joyful, terrified, somber, or any other range of emotions. I’m fascinated by the power that audio has to draw audiences into the story, and I strive to create that immersion with all of my work.


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Sweet games you should check out.


I love this game. Hearthstone is easy to pick up, but has so much depth and strategy hidden within it. And who doesn’t love collecting virtual cards?

Dota 2

While Dota is not the easiest game to jump into, I love the teamwork and strategy involved in it. It’s super fascinating to see how all of the heroes’ abilities complement each other in game. It’s a blast both to play and watch, check out TI5 and the other tournaments!


FEZ is a game everyone should play, regardless of whether you consider yourself a “gamer”. The puzzles are extremely intricate and force you to think outside the box. Plus it’s super cute. Go play it!