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I Took a Day Off, and Didn’t Feel Guilty About It.

I Took a Day Off, and Didn’t Feel Guilty About It.

And now you’re thinking one of two things: Either, “he’s a complete workaholic and I don’t understand at all”. Or, “that sounds like my life oh man please tell me more.” Now maybe you have a job where work doesn’t follow you home, but many of us, especially in entertainment, are always working. And since I work from home, I always feel like I could be doing something productive. But this was the Friday after Thanksgiving – where most people eat leftovers and sleep. And I opted to join that majority. I spent the day with three of my close friends, and did nothing. We made cinnamon rolls, watched two movies, browsed YouTube, and enjoyed the day. And all the while, I was struck by how refreshing it felt to let go of work for a day, and take a true break. But I have so much work to do! That’s a phrase often heard when you encourage someone to take a break. And I get it. I’m busy too and it can feel insurmountable. Breaks are sometimes seen as being lazy, and aren’t looked upon favorably. As a result, people get trapped in a cycle of “I have a lot of work to do, and the only way to solve it is to work nonstop until it’s finished.” And while this can be effective at first, consistent work without breaks will damage your quality of work, create bad habits, and hurt your physical and mental health if pushed too far. I think that it’s even more important that you take a moment for yourself when you have more...

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I’ve been privileged to work with some very talented directors and game designers. Helping to bring their projects to life was extremely fun and fulfilling.

Indelible musical themes and motifs are essential in making a lasting impact on an audience, and Alex’s work on my project proves that he has a keen understanding of this. Amazingly gifted as a composer and a pleasure to work with professionally, I cannot wait to collaborate with Alex again.

Andrew Clabaugh

Director - The Graveyard Gang

Working with Alex brought the quality of my film up astronomically. He is talented, collaborative, and a pleasure to work with

Ryan Fitzmartin

Director - Repaid

Alex has an innate understanding of the way music can develop tone and character in a film. It was when his music was added that “Six Shots” truly came together.

Alex Spear

Director - Six Shots

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