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My Role on The Woman Astronaut

My Role on The Woman Astronaut

Hello again! I’m extremely excited to say that Penka Kouneva’s cinematic orchestral album, The Woman Astronaut, was released on July 10th by Varese Sarabande / Universal Music Group. This marks the release of the first big project I have worked on since moving to LA, and I’m here to talk about my specific role in it. (A big thank you to Renzo Heredia for the idea!) Making Sounds & Coffee So what did I do? I’m credited both as the “composer’s assistant” as well as an “additional synth programmer” for the tracks Looking Up (5), Space (10), and Solar Flare (14). These two titles effectively separate my support work (assistant) from my creative work (synth programming). As Penka’s assistant, I created basic templates, bounced a ton of stems, and did various tasks that she didn’t have time to focus on. As a synth programmer, I helped take Penka’s creative vision and turn it into something tangible, whether that be sequencing a drum part, or designing new sounds. I began working with Penka in September 2014. She had been writing the tracks for the past year, and the majority of tracks were ready for recording when I joined. Although Penka had a large team on the project, I worked exclusively with her. She gave me tasks and direction, and I helped make it come to life. I didn’t meet everyone else until the recording session on October 29th. Any questions I had that Penka couldn’t answer were routed through her to another member of the team. This way, she was kept in the loop with everything. Interpreting Creative Visions So for...

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I’ve been privileged to work with some very talented directors and game designers. Helping to bring their projects to life was extremely fun and fulfilling.

Indelible musical themes and motifs are essential in making a lasting impact on an audience, and Alex’s work on my project proves that he has a keen understanding of this. Amazingly gifted as a composer and a pleasure to work with professionally, I cannot wait to collaborate with Alex again.

Andrew Clabaugh

Director - The Graveyard Gang

Working with Alex brought the quality of my film up astronomically. He is talented, collaborative, and a pleasure to work with

Ryan Fitzmartin

Director - Repaid

Alex has an innate understanding of the way music can develop tone and character in a film. It was when his music was added that “Six Shots” truly came together.

Alex Spear

Director - Six Shots

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